Unique Landscapes and Gold Fields Exploration

Embark on a captivating journey from Clyde to Bannockburn, where you’ll ascend the Nevis Road, reaching the picturesque Duffers Saddle on the Old Woman Range at 1300 metres. Revel in the breathtaking panoramas that unfold, offering stunning views down the Nevis Valley, across Lake Dunstan, and towards Cromwell.

The adventure continues as we delve into the expansive Nevis Valley, unravelling its rich history through exploration of the historic gold fields. A pause for lunch and refreshments amidst this remarkable setting enhances the experience, making every moment a blend of scenic wonder and cultural discovery.

Duration: 6 hours, departs on demand

  • Adults $260, Children $155
  • Min. 2 adults, Max 4 persons
  • Includes picnic lunch and refreshments
  • Bring your camera and jacket

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Sue & Ross on Safari into the Nevis Valley on a perfect day. The Nevis Valley is such amazing tour with its unique landscapes & early gold mining history.


Nevis Pass Fun

Great day with Alan as we had organised this trip for my father's birthday.Alan provided lovely refreshments and had excellent local knowledge. Over the course of the day we stopped at many interesting sights. Would thoroughly recommend as there was awesome scenery, it was interesting and informative plus an area of NZ that people should see. A great 4WD experience.

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